Drayton Aerospace acquisition of a leading Brazilian engine MRO has brought several decades of turboprop engine MRO experience to the Group. 

We combine a rich heritage of experience and expertise with an innovative and customer focused Drayton Aerospace culture.

Drayton Aerospace has two facilities running with engine overhaul capabilities, one in Brazil and one in China. The existing 3,000 sqm. facility in Brazil has the equipment, the qualified man-power and the long term experience required for overhaul of the P&WC turboprop product range. The capabilities include the popular PT6A and PW100 family, and primarily cover the Latin American and Sub-Saharan market for turboprop airline operations, business aviation and agricultural aviation. The facility has extensive process capabilities such as NDT, Shot peening, CMM, fully equipped inspection and assembly, plating, plasma spray, welding, accessories capabilities and machining capabilities, balancing, and a full capability automated/DA test cell. In-house repairs minimize cost and turn-time. We offer full range of services, from MRT to full Overhaul, including fleet management support.  

The facility in China covers the same products and in-house capabilities as the Brazilian facility. It builds upon the experience and knowledge aforementioned and has extensive process capabilities such as NDT, CMM, fully equipped inspection and assembly, plasma spray, welding and machining capabilities, balancing, and a full capability test cell.


  • PW118/A  (OVH)
  • PW120/A  (OVH)
  • PW121 (OVH)
  • PW124B (OVH)
  • PW125B (OVH)
  • PW127 (OVH)
  • PT6 small  (OVH)
  • PT6 large (Test)

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